Pediatric Ear Disease

Pediatric Ear Disease located in Fort Worth, Texas

Pediatric Ear Disease

When your child has an ear infection or hearing loss symptoms, you want the very best care. Otolaryngologist and neurotologist Ricardo Cristobal, MD, PhD, FACS, at Texas Ear Clinic in Fort Worth, Texas, provides diagnosis and treatment for pediatric ear disease. The practice welcomes infants, toddlers, children, and teens. Call today or use the online tool to book your pediatric appointment.

What is pediatric ear disease?

The most common reason young children visit health care providers is the common ear infection, or otitis media, an acute infection of the middle ear. 

There are multiple other pediatric ear diseases that cause inflammation, pain, and complications, including hearing loss. 

Texas Ear Clinic provides comprehensive treatment for pediatric ear disease, pediatric hearing loss, and central auditory processing disorder. 

What are the most common causes pediatric ear disease?

Pediatric ear disease is most commonly the result of infection with bacteria, fungi or viruses. Children may be prone to ear infections and other complications because of structural irregularities of the eustachian tube present at birth.  

The normal middle ear space behind the eardrum drains to the back of the nose through the eustachian tube.  In children, these tubes are horizontal, rather than pointed downward as they are in adults. The horizontal placement means they’re more likely to collect fluid that changes ear pressure and attracts infection.

If Eustachian tube dysfunction can’t be managed with conservative treatments, surgical implantation of tubes in the ear drum encourages fluid draining. 

What are other common types of pediatric ear disease?

Tympanic membrane perforation

Tympanic membrane perforation is the medical term for a ruptured eardrum. Perforations often heal on their own, but if they don’t, surgical repair may be necessary.  


Cholesteatomas describe an accumulation of dead tissue within the middle ear. They cause chronic ear drainage, pain, and hearing loss. Dr. Cristobal recommends surgical removal to resolve the issue, but the cholesteatoma may recur. 

Otitis media

Otitis media is what you know as a middle ear infection. Oral antibiotics are an effective treatment. But, if your child experiences chronic ear infections, it can lead to hearing loss or eardrum perforation. 

Dr. Cristobal determines if an underlying condition, like cholesteatoma or Eustachian tube dysfunction, is causing the chronic infections and treats it accordingly. 


Mastoiditis is rare but may develop as a complication of a middle ear infection. Dr. Cristobal may recommend surgery to remove infected cells and prevent serious complications. 

Aural atresia

When the ear canal fails to form properly in utero, a child is born with aural atresia. The ear canal remains closed, rather than open like a tunnel. This causes conductive hearing loss. Dr. Cristobal offers surgical treatment to address these problems.

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